Press review

This page contains interviews with MedECC researchers and news articles on the activities of the MedECC and its reports, and press articles on environmental and climatic issues in the Mediterranean that refer to MedECC assessments as scientific support.  

The MedECC welcomes media enquiries and supports media reports about its work and outcomes of its assessments. For further information and photos, please get in touch with the MedECC Secretariat.


“Le nouveau rapport du GIEC sur le climat, la situation s’est significativement aggravée”, Interview de Prof Dr Wolfgang Cramer, Journal du CNRS, 28 February 2022 (FR)

Sécheresses: “Le sud de la Méditerranée va voir ce phénomène empirer“, Interview of Dr Joël Guiot, El Watan, Supplément Environnement “, 24 February 2022 (FR)

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